Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Abandoned Blog

I've missed blogging about SO many things - birthdays, holidays, Disneyland vacations, business trips, product reviews, recipes, etc. and I am SO sorry to the one person who may read this. And I'm also sorry because I do not intend to catch up. I'm mostly sorry to myself because I really want to write about all of these things, but I have way too many other priorities that need attention. Let's just say, it's good to have Jeremiah home, I took my sister to see a Cirque Du Soleil show for her birthday, Disneyland was a blast and I finally got to ride the tea cups, I baked a TON (you're welcome co-workers), and Christmas was classic, meaningful, and beautiful with my family. Now we're on to 2013 and I have so much to do that blogging about the details of my life for, well no one really, seems a little selfish and like a bad use of time. But I promise to be back soon debuting my new "priority." In the meantime, look through my old posts because I have some yummy recipes and funny stories, and am proud of my past posts. They're like an online diary of sorts. And aren't those always fun to go through?


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