Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 One Word Challenge

The first month of the new year has come and gone and with it many resolutions. I'm not typically a resolution maker, but this year I made 3, call them "resolutions" if you will, that I have really been trying to stick to. I am not going to say what they are, but I put a lot of thought into them and am going to work at them regardless of how often I fail. I have also decided to aim low with my resolutions. Time is a key factor for many resolutions and I just don't have it. Therefore, yearly resolutions aren't always my thing and I figured if I am going to make some this year, I better be realistic. I hate disappointing myself. It kills my motivation and hurts my self-esteem. If I aim low I am less likely to fail and can build motivation off my small successess. I am truly excited to keep at my 2010 resolutions, learn from my mistakes, and move on.

In the midst of trying to better myself for me, I heard of a really cool "challenge" K-LOVE was sending out to its listeners one morning called "My One Word." It basically challenges people to put to rest the typical self serving resolutions they make, and often don't hold to, and seek out who God wants them to be. What you do is pick one word (maybe a trait or characteristic) that you want to embody and filter all your behaviors and decisions through it. Want to be more gentle? Read scripture on what a gentle person is like, pray about it, listen to songs about it, and really try to see what it entails to be more gentle. Then apply it to your daily interactions with others and your decision making. What I love about this challenge is it affects others positively and not just the resolution maker. Yes, it is great to grow and change for yourself, but just think of the impact on others and your relationship with God that can take place when you seek out how to live up to this one word? Obviously, you need to pray about this word and put thought into it... but I think it could be more life changing than "drink more water" and definitely more worthwhile! K-LOVE even has a search where you can find songs and scripture pertaining to your word. I have included the link below, so you can read more about "My One Word" and in better words than I can put it into. So, check it out if you're struggling with your resolutions, haven't made one, or are totally awesome and just want to add to your resolutions you have already made! Welcome 2010 friends and God bless!

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