Sunday, November 8, 2009

Say Cheese!

After many birthday giftcards and saving up I finally purchased my first DSLR! I ended up getting a Nikon D5000 after countless hours of researching the best entry level DSLRs online, in photography magazines, and by visiting Best Buy a thousand times. The girl that works in the camera department was quite familiar with me by the time I came in to buy.

I am so excited to shoot tons of Holiday pictures and play with all the cool settings.There is so much more to a DSLR than an ordinary digital camera and I feel like it will take me forever to learn how to use everything the camera has to offer, but practice makes perfect and I have some very beautiful subjects to practice on as you can see.

I am up for shooting anyone that will let me practice on them, so let me know if you are feeling a little "America's Next Top Model" sometime!

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