Sunday, August 23, 2009


This weekend, while my hubby was out of town working with his dad, I spent some quality time playing games and eating S'mores with my mom, sister, Aunt Marie, cousin Jennie, and my angels Eli, Trenton, and Harper! What blessings they truly are! They are a good distraction when I am missing my hubby!

Eli had me laughing all throughout the grocery store and definitely has me wrapped around his finger! He tried to get me to let him crawl through the shelves and would look at me with his big blue eyes and sweet smile and I would just melt! He is so much fun, but no wonder his mom can't take him shopping alone anymore... I also got to snuggle up and eat popcorn while watching The Alien Movie (War of The Worlds) with E, which is rare now that he is such an independent big boy. He is such an awesome kid! ! I was in Heaven!

My Harper also gave me lots of snuggles! Well, she is only a month old now and had no choice, but I know she loved it! Wow she is growing fast! She is getting the cutest chubby little thighs and the most adorable little cheeks! She is so precious and delicate I could just kiss her all day! Soon this beauty will be Eli's age running me around the store and getting away with everything. I am beyond blessed!
On a sad note, however, Lil Jackie has been missing since last Wednesday. We finally brought her to our house a couple weeks ago, when we brought home our new kitty Teddy Ferguson Atkins (a.k.a. Ted Ferguson). The two were finally getting along and Jackie Lyn was adjusting to her new home, but somehow she got outside and we haven't seen her since. We will be posting signs my cousin sweetly made and offering a reward in hopes someone has seen her or can offer some information. I am so sad and want her to come back to me. Who knows maybe she will make her way back to my mom's somehow, it happens! Until then, I have my wonderful family to comfort and distract me from missing her. They are amazing and I AM BLESSED!

*** Jackie has been found (see above post) I just wanted everyone to see what I was about to post last night.

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